G r a p h i c   D e s i g n
The visual aspect of any web site is very important, that's how you can attract visitor's attention and make him or her more interested. Sometimes the opposite can also happen if your site happened to have boring graphics or none at all. Nobody likes ugly web sites. What we can do for you is create unique graphics just for your site that will make it stand out from all the other sites, and make each visit a pleasant experience for your clients. We specialize in creating 2D and 3D graphics and GIF89 animations, advertising banners, company logos, etc. Scanning and retouching of your existing materials is also available. We'll work with whatever you happen to have, or we can design everything from scratch. All of the images and animations we create for the web are optimized for faster download time, so your visitors never have to wait forever for your web site to download. Please see "Our Work" section for examples of our work.

H T M L   P r o g r a m m i n g
Quality html code is also an important part of a web site appearance and success. We make sure we use every technique available to get the best look for your web site, and still have it load fast at the same time. Our web sites are optimized for viewing in most popular browsers under all resolutions starting from 640x480 pixels. Although most of the users surf the net with 800x600 pixels resolution and up, there are still users with lower resolutions, and we always keep that in mind. Our web sites are never browser, operating system, or resolution dependent.

C G I   &   J a v a ( T M ) P r o g r a m m i n g
Interactive content can bring any web site to life using Java (TM) applets and CGI scripts. We can design sophisticated Java (TM) applets for displaying dynamic or static data in a highly visual, user interactive way, for elaborate user-friendly interfaces and menus, or for flashy animations that draw attention. We can also bring interactive content to your web site by using databases and CGI scripts, written in C and C++ for optimal performance, which allow the user to send data to your web site and to receive up to date information through intuitivehtml forms. Several of our clients already use our real-time web server statistics software called Statomatic. With Statomatic you get all of the vital information about incoming traffic and visitors to your site. By using data that Statomatic collects you will be able to improve your rankings in search engines and increase your online presence. For more information, visit www.Statomatic.com.

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