All of the following web sites and graphics were designed by Alex Ivanov. Java applets and Java scripts were produced by Michael Ivanov. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

W e b   s i t e s .

Monney Car Audio - San Francisco Bay Area's leading car audio and security specialist. Redesigned by our studio for the second time in September of 1998. Custom Java applet, counter, and a program to monitor and analize site's traffic were installed. This site is being constantly updated and improved by us.

Monney Car Audio
Statomatic - real time web server statistics. This is the web site for the stats program I wrote. This program is a great tool for the webmasters, and it is installed on some of our client's sites. The site was designed in August / September of 1998. Java Script and few custom Java applets were used. A working copy of the Statomatic program was also installed for live demonstration.

Job Seekers USA - business directory. Designed for the Web Wonders in June / August of 1998.
url: local copy

Job Seekers USA
Adgrafix Corporation. Designed in April of 1999 for the contest of the Russian branch of Adgrafix.
url: local copy

Millenium computers located in Vernal, UT. Originally designed in June of 1997, it was later redesigned by the owner, keeping most of the original graphic elements and animations we've created for them.
url: / local copy (original)

Millenium Computers
M i s c .

Here are some 3D scenes that were modeled in TrueSpace2 software. Walkman rendering made it to Caligari's gallery in January of 1997.

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